Three generations of a family on a residential street

The ones you love

Look at them thrive

Seeing your loved ones thrive, surpass themselves and achieve new milestones are at the centre of your life.

With Intact Prestige, you can protect them from modern-day threats and enjoy the precious people around you without a hint of worry, with our Cyber Protection, Personal Legal Expense, and Prestige Guard protections.

Cyber Protection

Protection is power

Your computers, your loved ones’ mobile phones and home automation systems make life more efficient, but they might be used by cyber attackers to breach your sensitive data and information. 

Included within the Intact Prestige primary residences home packages is meaningful insurance protection and breach response services against cyber attacks, cyber extortion, cyber fraud (spoofing and phishing), cyber bullying, and data breach so you can enjoy your device with complete peace of mind.

Loved Ones

Prestige Guard

Always have a plan

You travel everywhere around the globe, play exciting sports, try new foods and go on thrilling rides. Yes, you live your life to the fullest. You may need coverage for a unique set of risks, but that’s what Intact Prestige is for.

With Prestige Guard you are covered for medical fees, rest and recuperation expenses, security costs, professional security consultant and guard services, temporary relocation, and more.

Our Prestige Security product can be added to your home insurance and covers expenses related to carjacking, child abduction, hijacking, home invasions, road rage, and stalking threats, among other things. 

Think about it, speak to your broker to add it to your coverage, and carry on with peace of mind.

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A simple way to get in touch

Intact Prestige is now offering personalized insurance coverage and is providing unparalleled service from coast to coast.

Getting in touch with a broker, or any other member of the dedicated Intact Prestige team, is simple and convenient.