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Protecting your lifestyle

Your way of life is unique, and each moment is precious. We won’t let a claim get in the way.

Reach us 24/7:
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Your dedicated team of experts

With access to our unparalleled insurance claims team in Canada, you can carry on without a hint of worry.

Our knowledgeable and diligent team of experts go above and beyond to make sure claims are resolved smoothly. Through your broker, the Intact Prestige claims experts and sophisticated tools, we’ll tailor our insurance claim process around your specific needs.

As part of our Intact Prestige outstanding experience, we offer:

  • 24/7 claims service
  • A team of insurance claims experts dedicated to Intact Prestige
  • A simplified claims experience with advance payments and settlement options
  • Access to dedicated Intact Prestige vendors
  • An experienced, nation-wide response team in case of extreme weather events


You craft the irreplaceable, we document it

Hard work deserves uniquely tailored and flawless protection, making sure everything irreplaceable remains safe. Our carefully crafted prevention plan starts with a personalized appraisal.

Our knowledgeable appraisal expert will evaluate your home and present a precise plan to prevent loss and protect your investment. They will produce a report and a custom plan to provide you with complete peace of mind, should anything happen. 



You deserve constant innovation

Our team of technology and service innovators are constantly developing and improving the Intact Prestige claims experience. Thanks to our tools, we resolve claims faster every day so you’re never kept waiting.