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Making memories, passing on treasures

You carefully selected the objects you acquired over the years. With Intact Prestige, irreplaceable items are protected through the custom plan your broker helps you fashion.

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Big gems, little gems

Whether they belonged to your grandmother or you carefully selected them on your own, your precious pieces of jewelry are simply priceless. With Intact Prestige, you may set custom value limits, protect jewelry you keep in a vault, cover a whole collection or even just a few special pieces.

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Enjoy the ride

You carefully selected the perfect high-performance road bike for your weekly ride, and you simply can’t skip a training session. Or maybe you purchased a few of them, tailored to your adventures. Intact Prestige protects your high-end equipment with bicycle insurance coverage so you can reach your peak performance. 

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A taste for art

From the painting that’s been in your family for generations to the one you thoughtfully chose, your artwork needs unique protection. With personalized art insurance products covering specific pieces or entire collections, Intact Prestige’s custom value limits are a masterpiece of their own.

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A well-balanced assemblage

You always make a point of finding the best bottle to bring back to your cellar. Or maybe that’s how it started, until interest became a passion and an investment. With our Reserve and Vintage insurance products, wine collectors can find the perfect fit to match their needs. Through custom value limits and coverage including for wine accessories, it is designed with the cellar in mind.

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Intact Prestige is now offering personalized insurance coverage and is providing unparalleled service from coast to coast.

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