Modern two-storey house


Your own oasis

This is the life you built for yourself. Because every lifestyle deserves its own custom coverage, Intact Prestige offers four specialized home insurance products: homeowner, condominium, tenant and seasonal home.



Much more than a house

You acquired your dream home in a coveted neighbourhood. It’s where you create memories, recharge and entertain.

Every home is different, from the materials, craftsmanship and custom touches you’ve included throughout. Your homeowner insurance coverage should match that uniqueness, no matter where the charm resides.



Just look at that view

Your condo is what you’ve always wanted: an elegant haven amid the bustling city or the serenity of a countryside resort. Your active lifestyle should come with custom-fit condo insurance coverage so you can plan your next big night of entertaining.

Hallway outside home



You found a gorgeous apartment in the most charming neighbourhood, and it might just be the best place for you and your unique possessions. Tastefully renovated, its polished simplicity is all you need to take on the world. To protect your dynamic way of life, we offer complete peace of mind with our tenant insurance.


Seasonal Home

Anything but secondary

Your second home is special—it’s where you go to recharge. Therefore, we offer perfect-fit coverage and personalized advice to make sure the trip to the cottage always means freedom and bliss.

Home Appraisal

An entirely personalized appraisal makes for total peace of mind.

Our experts know how to appreciate and protect one-of-a-kind properties like yours.

They offer complete and thorough documentation of your home, with easy-to-read and actionable insights to help you keep it in pristine shape.

This careful record of all characteristics, materials, craftsmanship and home features is a testimonial to the uniqueness of your home—and an efficient tool in case of a claim.

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A simple way to get in touch

Intact Prestige is now offering personalized insurance coverage and is providing unparalleled service from coast to coast.

Getting in touch with a broker, or any other member of the dedicated Intact Prestige team, is simple and convenient.